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Village organisations and information

As well as the Carnon Downs Community Association, there are lots of other groups who meet in the Parish. Details are available on the Parish Council's wellbeing website 
This page also contains other useful information for the village such as the Doctors and locations of the defibrillators.
Carnon Downs Doctors
Bissoe Road, Carnon Downs - Tel: 01872 863221
Community Defibrillator 
This is located in the red phonebox outside of Well Dental on Forth Coth. 
Anyone can use this, training is not required, the defibrillator is portable and it will talk the user through how to use it. It also will not allow a shock to be delivered if it is not needed so you cannot do someone any harm with it. 
Feock Community Transport Scheme
This is a volunteer car scheme run by Feock Parish Council with volunteer drivers to help people get to the Doctors, Dentist, Hairdressers etc.  
To book phone 07904 547822 (betwen Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3pm)
A small donation is requested to cover petrol costs.
Contact details for the groups that meet in Carnon Downs Village Hall are listed on their website which can be accessed using the link below. 
Carnon Downs Village Hall
Tregye Road, Carnon Downs - Tel: 01872 865126

Carnon Downs Methodist Chapel

Bissoe Road, Carnon Downs - Tel: 01872 865884


Carnon Downs Bowling Club 

Forth Coth, Carnon Downs - Tel: 01872 863917

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